Our Educators


Passionate about her love for Yoga Garima initiated into Yoga tradition at the age of five, practicing Yoga with her father Yogi Shree Rajendra an ultimate truth seeker, Kaivalya upasak & the master of Kundalini Yoga. Garima further extended her practice by combining Ayurvedic healing aspects with Yoga giving a whole new dimension to authentic Ayurvedic Yoga as a proud and dedicated student of Dr. David Frawley – a vedic scholar and founder of American Institute of Vedic Studies

Co-founder and owner of Yogayur Bliss – Arogya Health & Divinity Studio, a yoga teacher, an ayurvedic lifestyle coach and wellness consultant, Garima is a certified chair yoga and child yoga teacher as well as a dedicated practitioner of ayurvedic restorative yoga. Her warm and caring demeanour and the profound holistic approach to work with mind, body and breath makes her a wonderful educator.

Garima is a well-known author of ‘Chakras – The Subtle Realms Of Unified Consciousness’ and has authored many articles on yoga and ayurveda.

You can reach Garima at yogayurbliss@gmail.com



Yogeshwari also known as Yogi is the founder of Yogayur bliss – Arogya health and divinity studio. An educationist, writer, editor, master trainer, healer and an Ayurvedic lifestyle coach. Very instinctive and calming by nature Yogi was trained, guided and exposed to the concept of spiritual healing and Ayurvedic lifestyle by her father a renowned Vedic astrologer and Vaidya Goswami Ram Nath Ji. With An elaborated career in the field of education she set her sight on finding a unique way to deploy the ancient healing system of Ayurveda aiming to serve the community with Ayurvedic perceptive of well-being. An experience that aims at stimulating all the five senses combining Yoga & Ayurveda.

Yogi has been dedicated to the practice, study and teaching of Ayurvedic and Yogic lifestyle along with the meditative practices of consciousness. She shares her knowledge and experience to help you come over health issues, behavioral and relationship challenges and much more on the basis of your inherent body constitution by recommending Ayurvedic home remedies to balance your Doshas.



We are not health care professionals. All our workshops and programs are for educational purpose only and not to be replaced for professional medical treatment.