Our weekly Meditation Session –
(A Healing touch of bliss)

Meditation is the inner balance of insightful awareness which allows the mind to heal itself.
It is an exclusive as well as inclusive process of putting ourselves at ease without any exercise. An important tool to improve our psychological immune system, overcome the mental blocks and to control our responses and reactions.
Meditation is surrendering our complete being to the reality to calm our chaotic minds. We at Yogayur Bliss welcome you to be a part of our weekly Meditation classes in the most suited environment of acceptance and belonging, supporting each inspiring and motivated individual to connect with others while proceeding towards this inward journey.
The unique feature of our Meditation class is that you create and chant your own Mantra based on love, compassion & gratitude of your reflective thoughts, observing and expressing natural and simple things and events in your day to day life.


We are not health care professionals. All our workshops and programs are for educational purpose only and not to be replaced for professional medical treatment.