Chair Yoga Teacher Training

“Yoga is a lifetime practice that looks at all aspects of our being”

Chair Yoga is a newer form of Yoga that is gaining tremendous popularity in today’s yoga inspired world like never before. A feel better option for all ages, backgrounds and all doshas, this restorative form of yoga is a perfect approach to age with zeal. Accessible to newbies, yoga teachers, heath care professionals, adult care givers, corporate workers, seniors and super seniors, this form of gentle yoga improves balance and co-ordination, fosters inner glow and helps de-compress built-up tension in the mind and body.

A modified version of traditional hatha yoga, chair yoga yields the same benefits of a regular hatha yoga practice. One of the best and the most beneficial form of yoga, chair-based yoga is best suited to older individuals who do not find it convenient to practice on the mat due to stiffness in muscles, limited mobility and lack of strength, stamina and myriad of other health issues.

Chair yoga helps boost memory, mood and movement and increases flexibility and balance. It can be a great starting practice to flow forth holistically.

This training includes:

Introduction to chair yoga

Pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy

Health challenges and concerns

Our body’s structural changes

Practical teaching experience to help you jump start your career

Chair yoga teacher’s manual with class templates

Sequencing a chair yoga practice

Business of teaching and marketing chair yoga.

Who can take this training?

Chair yoga is for everyone, especially for registered yoga teachers, nurses, health care practitioners, gym instructors, care givers or anyone who is looking to seek the benefits of chair yoga for themselves.

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Aug 9th – Aug 11th 2019

Cost: $395+HST

Chair Yoga


Fri – 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Sat – 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Sun – 9:00 am – 5:30 pm

A TEACHING CERTIFICATE will be awarded to certified Yoga Teachers upon completion of this 20-hour program. A certificate of participation will be issued to professionals who work with seniors.

Yoga Alliance Approved



We are not health care professionals. All our workshops and programs are for educational purpose only and not to be replaced for professional medical treatment.