Swadhyaya – a path of self study

“Varaha Upanishada” the ancient Indian scripture describes the practice of Yamas & Niyamas prior to the practice of Asanas.
SWADHYAYA/ SELF REFLECTION is the fourth Niyama of the Patanjali Sutra. Also known as the study of Self, it is one of the most important aspects of Yoga.

Sawdhyaya refers to the activities that reflect upon our actions, thoughts, aspirations & emotions. Yoga is not being on cruise control and practice Asanas one after another. The approach should not be aggressive and lacking introspection. It should rather be based on Swadhyaya — staying connected to your inner being to cultivate your own practice by observing yourself in your quiet moments. You can chant anything that calms you or meditate to illuminate your practice – THE KEY TO YOGIC LIFESTYLE.

~ Yogini Garima

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