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Yoga is the union of Soul and Spirit that helps you discover the real meaning of life. Yoga is a global phenomenon that unfolds the immense potential of our mind, body and soul. It is more a spiritual practice than a physical one. It is a process of self realization to attain serenity and well-being.

At Yogayur Bliss we invite” you to be a part of our Yoga classes to boost your energy and experience the sacred strength of yogic healing by deepening the depth of your vibrational levels for a brighter Aura. We offer Yoga classes for all levels and skills based on your constitution.

Restorative Yoga – gain without pain

Restorative yoga is a complete holistic way to connect with the deeper and larger currents of subtle realities that make our body talk to the mind to bring elemental balance and harmony in our stressful daily lives. More receptive in nature, restorative yoga is a powerful companion of modern-day yoga. The reason why restorative yoga is surging popularity is perhaps it is the best practice to achieve enduring peace and greater resilience even in the midst of chaos and inner conflicts that hold us back and eventually cause stress related health care challenges that have wearing effect on our entire nervous system.

We at Yogayur Bliss hold weekly restorative yoga classes in the most inviting environment. Each class includes 5 restorative yoga postures which are intelligently propped and lovingly supported for deeper relaxation. The session is ended with a short meditation to reclaim creativity and abundance through active relaxation. This 60-minute impactful class is passive to all ayurvedic body types and easily accessible to all ages at all levels.

Note: all props are provided by the studio

COST: 60 Minutes Class $40.00 +HST

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Beginning of a New Journey, Introduction to the Healing & Sacred art of Yoga

‘Yoga is a tool to experience the radiance of our true self by peeling off the layers of KOSHAS (five sheaths of the body) and eventually reach the inner most core to attain oneness with the universe’ – YOGINI GARIMA

At Yogayur Bliss we believe that Yoga is for everyone and anyone can benefit from the simple, easy movements and breath awareness practices of a gentle Yoga class. We offer small and personalized classes to help support you at whatever level of flexibility & strength you are at. There is a Yoga practice that is perfect for you. Yogayur Bliss offers this specially designed Yoga session for each and every individual who wants to practice Yoga according to his/her Ayurvedic body type with Yogini Garima

COST: 60 Minute Class $120.00+HST | 8 Sessions
(Theory & Asana)

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Beginners/Gentle Yoga

Our beginners Yoga classes are a gentle yet effective process of empowering individuals to attain and maintain an optimum state of wellness. It is a blend of supportive postures, breath work and guided meditation techniques to bring positive results in life. Learn the basics of Yoga in a warm, supportive and friendly environment. Our gentle Yoga classes are taught by Yogini Garima who is a Trained and Certified Yoga Teacher and a Yoga & Ayurveda Wellness Consultant. Our classes are open to everyone with a promise to achieve the best results with this divine and holistic healing science of Yoga and Ayurveda.

COST: 60 Minute Class $140+HST | 8 Sessions

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Chair Yoga

Explore the beauty and versatility of Chair Yoga suitable for all ages, fitness levels and physical conditions, practiced sitting on a chair or standing using a chair for support. These gentle yet effective series of postures and movements help with increasing flexibility, strength and balance while working to achieve overall wellness. Our Chair Yoga classes are designed keeping YOU in mind. Classes begin with some breathing exercises, followed by gentle stretches, seated body rotations, sharing some Yogic philosophy and ending with meditation.

COST: 60 Minute Class $100+HST | 8 Sessions

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Ayurvedic Yoga, Our uniquely designed Yoga & Ayurveda Program

Ayurvedic Yoga is a positive system of integrated Yoga & Ayurveda that consists of  emotional healing, counseling, behavioral patterns, conscious breathing, self nurturing and much more. There is no separate tradition of Yogic healing apart from Ayurveda. Yoga provides physical, psychological and spiritual healing measures that help bring the higher dimensions of Ayurveda and Ayurveda provides basis for Yogic living.

At Yogayur Bliss we are pleased to introduce our uniquely designed ‘Ayurvedic Yoga Program’ with Garima that mainly focuses on the potential benefits of adding Ayurvedic insights to your Yoga practice.Our aim through this program is to restore wholeness in the mind and body of all our inspiring Yogis.

Tell us your goals and objectives so we can help you with designing a customized Yoga sequence based on your Ayurvedic body constitution. Know your Dosha and implement it into your daily routine.

COST: 90 Minute Session $60+HST

(We recommend at least 4 sessions)

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Little Hearts - Kids Yoga ages 3-5 Years

We are delighted to introduce our ‘little hearts’ Kids Yoga Program for all the tiny souls aging 3-5 years. The class is a fun filled package of love, laughter, music and movements. The sequences are thoughtfully designed in a playful style to enhance and nourish their cognitive skills that help calm their little minds. Balancing rolls and twists of our sequences help promote their mental and physical poise and finer motor co-ordination filling their minds with a sense of accomplishment.

COST: 45 Minutes Class $90+HST | 6 Sessions

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Budding Minds - Kids Yoga ages 6-9 Years

Children contribute a lot to the community making us responsible to develop s sense of wonder in them and making them strong enough to know where they belong in this world and how can they contribute in making it a better place with mindfulness and compassion through Yoga.
This unique program teaches kids to be calm and mindful. The sequences include breathing, stretches, music & fun yet educational Yoga games to connect these budding minds with the thread of love, purpose and passion to foster a sense of achievement and incorporate a child’s imagination into practice to improve balance and co-ordination focusing on the present moment with a ‘FEEL BETTER’ – ‘THINK BETTER’ attitude.

COST: 60 Minutes Class $100+HST | 6 Sessions

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We are not health care professionals. All our workshops and programs are for educational purpose only and not to be replaced for professional medical treatment.